Christos Agrianidis Company is a family business which deals with the production of peanuts and the processing of a wide range of nuts. Our products are available in mini markets, delicatessens and nut shops all over Greece.


Christos Agrianidis business was set up in 2000. He started roasting peanuts frown in Ammoudia in a small oven.


In 2004 he invested in a bigger oven and he started processing other nuts too.


In 2008 he persuaded local farmers to start growing peanuts in the region again. The Company was modernized and started producing a wide range of nuts with the peanut having the leading role. His peanuts ended up being available in different shops all over Greece making Ammoudia famous.

2013 - 2014

In  2013 - 2014 he was the first to produce fried peanuts in Greece. These are now available in two flavors salted and barbeque.

Future plans

In the near future we intend to produce new products made with peanuts.

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